Apply to be on the B Local PDX Board

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applications closed on October 12, 2018.

Does just the image of B Corps in action leave you feeling jazzed? Are you an enterprising leader with something to offer toward spurring this movement forward through local efforts? Can you make some time to put your aspirations into reality?  Then consider applying for a board position with B Local PDX.

Your board has two positions open for 2019: Learning Chair and Events Chair. Take a look at the job descriptions within the application below. If you have attended past B Local events, you know the standard is high. 

Following the Oct 12th deadline, the B Local Board will review the pool of applicants, assess alignment between position responsibilities, interest and experience, then meet with our top candidate/s prior to selection. All applicants will receive a personal response to their application.

All interested and motivated employees of a local B Corp are encouraged to apply. B Local PDX has a goal to achieve, among its membership, over-representation from historically under-represented populations.

Open Board positions:

Learning Chair

Mission & Overview
The Learning Chair will develop opportunities for collective learning and sharing across the regional B Corp community around each of the impact areas as well as sharing best practices around marketing the B Corp certification, recruiting employees, and finding business opportunities to work together.

Accountabilities / Outcomes
Accountability 1: Lead the Development of a Yearly Calendar of Learning Events/Opportunities

  • Engage the B Corp community through an insight process to understand learning priorities

  • Lead the development of a year-long learning curriculum

  • Engage members of the B Corp and broader business community in developing learning events and opportunities

  • Work with members of the community to ensure the inclusiveness of events and opportunities

Accountability 2: Create Communications for Learning Events and Opportunities

  • Create communications to the community to support the success of learning events and opportunities

  • Capture learning events and distribute assets to raise awareness of the B Corp community and support the Recruitment Chair in building a pipeline

Accountability 3: Perpetuation

  • Help recruit and prepare a Learning Chair prior to the end of their term

Events Chair

Mission & Overview

The Events Chair will be focused on strategic events to advance Board goals.

Accountabilities / Outcomes

Accountability 1: Develop Events Strategy

  • Develop vision for events strategy that covers how events can support, grow, and deepen the participation, ownership, and evangelism of the B Corp community

  • Manage event budgets, including working with Board on contribution of events to B Local PDX revenue goal

  • Identify key interfaces for this role with Learning, Certifications, and Partnerships

  • Develop year-long events calendar with key goals and target audiences attached to every event opportunity

  • Identify resources available in the B Corp community to support events strategy and engage the support of those people/resources

Accountability 2: Lead Execution of Events Strategy

  • Lead the execution of a year-long events calendar, delegating responsibility as necessary across the Board and community

  • Gather data and report on events success, weaknesses, and opportunities

Accountability 3: Perpetuation

  • Help recruit and prepare a Recruiting Chair prior to the end of their term

Please use this link to fill out the application form.