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BLD PNW 2019

B Corp Leadership Development
Pacific Northwest Conference

June 13, 2019
at The Redd on Salmon Street
831 SE Salmon St | Portland, Oregon

BLD PNW Conference (Ticketed): 8 AM - 5 PM, with reception to follow from 5-6pm
Block Party (free & open to the public): 6-8 PM

BLD PNW is the largest gathering of Certified B Corporations in the Pacific Northwest. The event is organized by the B Corp community, for the B Corp community. By inspiring and connecting B Corps in the Pacific Northwest and their teams, we build a stronger movement to use business as a force for good.

Our Theme: Building the B Ecosystem

Our theme for the day is Building the B Ecosystem. Together, we’ll examine and generate ideas towards creating holistic partnerships that connect us as local, socially responsible businesses supporting our communities to build a more sustainable and just world. Leaders will share stories, ideas, and experiences about collaborating around shared values and working towards inclusivity in the B Corp community.

What is the B Ecosystem?

Our B Ecosystem is an ever-evolving, holistic, and expanding organism. It’s a vibrant network of thriving B Corp companies, the individuals that make them go, local and global communities, and engaged stakeholders. These parts work together to benefit the world through thoughtful partnerships that maximize positive impact upon the immediate community. We are working to create an inclusive and durable prosperity for all, using the B Corp Certification model to measure and verify high standards of social and environmental performance. The future of our world—particularly the quality of life for people living in it and our natural environment—depends upon our ability to solve some of today’s most difficult issues through innovative and collaborative efforts.

Conference Host: B Local PDX

B Local PDX is an association of certified B Corps in Greater Portland that exists to equip and empower our organizations and employees in service of a shared and durable prosperity for all. We serve our constituents through certification support for aspiring and existing B Corps, connections for business development opportunities and personal growth, and collaboration around social and environmental impact.

Our Venue: The Redd on Salmon Street

The third annual BLD PNW will be held at the beautiful new Redd on Salmon Street event space. The Redd is a multifaceted project of Ecotrust that was formulated to support a more equitable, restorative, and regenerative food system in the Pacific Northwest.

Redd East is a newly renovated, uniquely industrial venue space that blends historical charm with a bright, modern feel. With a main hall that can seat over 500 guests, the sky’s the limit with The Redd for BLD PNW. We are excited to bring BLD PNW to a venue that shares our B Corp values and is run by our colleagues at Ecotrust.

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Image courtesy The Redd on Salmon Street

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