Cameron Madill, Board Chair for B Local PDX

Cameron Madill

Board Chair

Pronouns: He / him

Current Position: CEO of PixelSpoke

About Cameron:
Cameron is the CEO of PixelSpoke, an award-winning web design & marketing agency that works with credit unions and social enterprises. His extensive volunteer work includes launching business accelerator programs for entrepreneurs in the U.S. and around the world, chairing the Portland community of certified B Corporations — businesses that follow rigorous standards for creating positive environmental, social, and employee impact — and building capacity for a Portland-based nonprofit, Innovation Law Lab, that provides pro bono legal counsel to refugees and immigrants across the U.S.

Cameron received the 2017 Global Citizen of the Year award from Entrepreneurs’ Organization — a worldwide group of over 12,000 leading entrepreneurs — for his work with refugees, the 2018 B Economy Leader by the B Corp community for his work building local B Corp communities, as well as numerous other awards such as the Portland Business Journal 40 Under 40.

Favorite memory from the B Corp Community:
Portland hosting the International B Corp Retreat in 2015, and being able to connect with and learn from all the inspiring companies in our community around the globe.

Best book you read in 2018:
No Future Without Forgiveness by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The story of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation is an epic, inspiring, hair-raising tale of hatred, forgiveness, and redemption. Here's the full list:

One thing people probably don’t know about you:
When I was 9 I created an illustrated children's book called If You Give a Duck a Cookie.

David Kahl, Chair Elect for B Local PDX

David Kahl

Engagement Chair

Pronouns: He / him

Current Position: CEO of Fully

About David:
In 2000, David Kahl was working long hours as a finance executive in New York City. When he started noticing stiffness, an aching back and bad posture in his 30’s, he switched to a hacked standing desk and saddle chair. After the switch, David noticed that not only did he feel better, but he was sleeping better and found it easier to focus and be present.

After the events of 9/11, and disillusioned with Wall Street, David set out to build a socially-conscious business around active seating and healthy workspaces. He built a website centered around products that would enable people to connect more fully with themselves, and Fully was born. Today, Portland-based Fully continues to disrupt the furniture industry by designing innovative, movement-inspired products like the Jarvis standing desk and Tic Toc stool, and selling directly to businesses and consumers without a dealer network.

Favorite thing about the B Corp Community:
Being a force for good means different things to different companies. I love meeting every new B-Corp and hearing their story and how they're moving the needle toward more accountability, equity and love in the world.

Best book you read in 2018:
Leading with Emotional Courage by Peter Bregmen. It’s full of great reminders for me to stay connected with my emotions and to not back away from uncomfortable situations.

One thing people probably don’t know about you:
I'm also a CPA with a bachelors degree in Accounting.

David Kahl, Chair Elect for B Local PDX

Craig Hill

Certifications Chair

Pronouns: He / him

Current Position: Vice President, Client & Treasury Manager for Beneficial State Bank

About Craig:
Upon moving back to my hometown of Portland in 2010 after college, I knew I did not want to work "just any job." I wanted to find something that aligned my daily work with my personal values. I came to Beneficial State Bank during the peak of the recession and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Things in banking looked really grim, and the status quo was clearly not working for those with the least bargaining power. The values and aspirations of Beneficial State--a social enterprise, wholly owned by a nonprofit foundation that explicitly aims to change the banking system for good--really spoke to me. I've been hooked ever since.

A little over a year into my time with Beneficial State, I had the opportunity to work with our initial certification team as we navigated the B Corp Impact Assessment for the first time. I was immediately intrigued by the movement. The industry-wide opportunity to change the way we as consumers and employees engage with companies and judge their commitment to a triple bottom line had me immediately hooked. I committed to myself that I'd find other ways to grow awareness of the rigors of B Corp certification and spread the word around what it means to be a B.

In late-2016, when I heard there was an opportunity to apply for a role on the board of B Local PDX, I felt it was the chance I had been waiting for to fully commit to growing the movement here in my hometown. I started in the Recruitment Chair role in early 2017, which eventually morphed into the Certifications Chair role in early 2018, where I get to work with new and recertifying B Corps, helping them navigate the assessment and network of resources available in their certification journey. My role working in deposits & treasury management at Beneficial State gives me ample opportunity to network with socially and environmentally responsible companies and individuals in the Rose City--where I can spread the word about B Corps all-the-better.

I can't tell you (well, succinctly, anyway) how powerful it is that my personal interests align so strongly with my professional goals and volunteer commitments. We're just scratching the surface of what's possible as a community of B Corps! I'm thrilled to see what we can accomplish together in the years to come.

Favorite thing about the B Corp Community:
Is all of it an answer? Then all of it. The B Corp community is my tribe--we believe our economy can serve employees, communities, and our environment, not just shareholders. Discussing impact and how we can do more as business leaders and employees is essential--and our community is committed to building a more-inclusive economy. Being surrounded by that enthusiasm and hope gives me the energy I thrive best on.

Best book you read in 2018:
Ack, hard to choose!

Fiction: Death's End by Cixin Liu. Excellent conclusion to the Three Body Problem trilogy, translated into English from Chinese. Asks some deep questions about human nature and resilience in a heavy-science first contact narrative. Probably not selling that well, but trust me, it's worth it.

Nonfiction: The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein. An excellent collection of first-hand accounts and heavily sourced research detailing our shameful history as a country of racialized policy designed explicitly to segregate housing by race. Important, timely, and extremely distressing, but also not without hope and opportunities to improve our policies and businesses to rectify the wrongs we Americans have allowed our society and government to perpetuate.

One thing people probably don’t know about you:
I really enjoy puzzles! I'm in the midst of a 18,000 piece behemoth right now. Ask me for pictures--or look at me like a weirdo.


Rose Lavelle

Pronouns: She / her

Current Position: Sustainability Director at Scout Books

About Rose:
Rose Lavelle is the Sustainability Director at Scout Books and has worked at the company since 2011. As part of Scout Books' ongoing sustainability efforts, she organized the B Corp Certification process in 2017. She led a breakout session on Inclusive Company Culture at the 2018 BLD PNW Conference. She has a bachelor’s in Geology from Portland State University.

Favorite thing about the B Corp Community:
It's always amazing to attend the organized events. From connecting with other companies, meeting new people, hearing from local business and community leaders- I always learn new things! There's a sense of community and sharing of information and practices. Those opportunities provide inspiration for my continued participation in the B Corp Movement!

Best book you read in 2018:
Astoria by Peter Stark.
It was interesting to learn more about Oregon History.

One thing people probably don’t know about you:
I built a bamboo bicycle and rode it across the United States for a project called Alabamboo.

From Rose’s board application:

I'm very interested in environmental sustainability. Our national recycling issue is concerning and I'd like to bring more awareness and local solutions. Creating an inclusive culture is very powerful and we should have a strong focus on this in the B economy. I'm excited and ready to find out what the PDX community wants learn about over the next year. Knowing what those values are will be key to planning learning events and programs.”


Karen Lickteig

Communications Chair

Pronouns: She / her

Current Position: Marketing & Sustainability Director at Nossa Familia Coffee

About Karen:
Karen Lickteig is the Marketing & Sustainability Director for Nossa Familia Coffee, where she leads all thing marketing & communications, community engagement, and sustainability efforts, including B Corp Certification. She loves to travel, and coordinates and leads yearly coffee origin trips to Guatemala to connect customers and staff to the source of their coffee. She holds a Bachelor's degree in International Studies from Portland State University, and is currently pursuing a Master of Urban Studies also from PSU with a focus on Sustainable Development. Prior to working at Nossa Familia, she held positions with Edible Portland Magazine and the Middle East Studies Center and Urban Sustainability Accelerator at Portland State. She has completed the Master Recycler program and is a self-professed recycling and zero waste nerd. She has previously served on the Oregon Coffee Board, and currently serves on the Board of The Street Trust and as Communications Chair for B Local PDX.

Favorite thing about the B Corp community:
Feeling the "buzz" of the B community! It's amazing what we are able to accomplish as individuals and companies, and even more so when we get together and collaborate. I love the fun partnerships that we've formed with other B Corp companies and the friendships I've made.

Best book you read in 2018 and why:
I’ve been really into behavioral economics, and I really enjoyed reading Nudge by Richard Thaler this year. It has a lot of great ideas and practices for encouraging consumers and people generally to make more positive choices that benefit themselves and the Earth, and I think we can learn a lot from these ideas.

What is one thing people probably don't know about you:
I studied Arabic throughout college and a bit after, and have traveled to 6 Middle Eastern countries (7 if you count Turkey). My first study abroad experience (and first trip outside of North America) was to Dubai, where I lived for 9 months.

Mike Mercer, Governance & Finance Chair for B Local PDX

Mike Mercer

Governance & Finance Chair

Pronouns: He / him

Current Position: Principal for MMercer Consulting

About Mike:
Since 1985, Mike has held leadership roles within Portland’s non-profit community working in the sectors of health, social impact, housing, early childhood development and sustainability to develop and deliver on a broad systems view. Mike is principal for MMercer Consulting with a focus on supporting B Corps, aspiring B Corps, engaging business leaders in state climate policy and helping shift organizational culture. Local B Corp companies, Stoller Family Estates, Chehalem, Brew Dr Kombucha and Brink Communications have also worked with Mike in support of their B Corp Certification and sustainability efforts. Prior to launching his consulting practice, as Executive Director of the NW Earth Institute, Mike and team inspired more than 170,000 citizens to act for a positive, sustainable future and engaged numerous Fortune 1,000 companies, such as Bank of America, Comerica Bank and MetLife, fostering employee engagement and environmental/social impact.

He has a strong understanding of and applied experience in behavior change, leadership development, environmental, social and economic sustainability, strategic planning and non-profit management. Mike is a long time member of the Portland Rotary Club and board member for B Local PDX. Mike loves the outdoors as experienced through daily bike commutes, kayaking, backpacking and exploring the remote parts of Oregon.

Favorite thing about the B Corp Community:
It's a grand experiment focused on evolving capitalism to support a healthy people and planet for the long term. And, what's not to like about a community that is motivated by love vs fear.

Best book you read in 2018:
Thunder In the Mountains. Story of Chief Joseph and General Howard. I appreciated this well told story for a couple reasons. It has become a sense of place story that I feel intimately connected to and increasingly so. The story as it unfolded was a tragic one on so many fronts, with no "winners" among the protagonists.

One thing people probably don’t know about you:
I share a 168 sq ft tiny home with my partner. We love it, but not recommended for everyone.

Kelsey Moody - Events Chair for B Local PDX

Kelsey Moody

Events Chair

Pronouns: They / them

Current Position: Commercial Sales Manager for The Joinery

About Kelsey:
Kelsey Moody is a passionate creator of both community and handcrafted furniture. As the Commercial Sales Manager for The Joinery, they build relationships with the design community and manage all B2B sales. Starting as The Joinery’s first Woodworker Apprentice in 2016, Kelsey quickly moved into a role as a builder and after two years in the shop, they transitioned into their current role. During Kelsey’s time at The Joinery, they have been the lead of the Sustainability and Values teams as well as taking on the unofficial role of “B Keeper.” Kelsey holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies with a minor in Planning, Public Policy and Management from the University of Oregon. In their free time, Kelsey enjoys being in the forest and partaking in the abundant outdoor activities that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Kelsey is non-binary and prefers they/them pronouns.

Favorite moment from the B Corp Community:
Working on the US Book project was extremely powerful. I was amazed that we were able to find all volunteer based services and resources to make it happen. Learning about the people highlighted in the book was beyond what I expected. These stories create valuable opportunities for connection and personal growth, but are also uniquely emotional and compelling. It is amazing to see what a small group of people can accomplish when there is plenty of support from the surrounding community. It was also quite an honor to be able to present this project at both the BLD Conference and Champion's Retreat and get to share it with our larger community.

Best book you read in 2018:
Artemis by Andy Weir. I like to do some easy, just for fun reading and this book was perfect for that. It is an exciting adventure and interesting perspective on what the future could hold if humans were able to live on the moon. The lead character is female, which on its own is unique for sci-fi, but she is also a Muslim tomboy that breaks the norms of current and future society. It is also gets pretty nerdy at times, which I loved.

One thing people probably don’t know about you:
My grandmother's family first came to the Portland area in 1847 on the Oregon Trail and settled on what is now NE 6th and Davis. The story of their journey was well documented and has been passed down through six generations. They later moved to Molalla to continue farming in order to have access to more land. My family has lived in the Portland area ever since.

From Kelsey’s board application:

"It is clear that there is a shift to focus on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion throughout the B Corp Community. I am very inspired by this and would like to make this a key effort in my contributions. I also want our community to not just recognize, but celebrate intersectionality. I want our community to raise up and give voices to those who aren't heard enough. In a place like Portland that celebrates uniqueness, yet often hides a challenging past and our existing diversity in the shadows, it is important that we bring historically marginalized communities into the spotlight, who are key contributors to the B Corp Movement. I believe one of the best ways to show our commitment to this is through highlighting efforts and opportunities at events and in learning environments."

Kate Rood, Partnerships Chair for B Local PDX

Kate Rood

Partnerships Chair

Pronouns: She / Her

Current Position: Community Engagement Officer for Beneficial State Foundation

About Kate:
Kate Rood serves as Community Engagement Officer for Beneficial State Foundation, a unique foundation working to change the banking system for good through advocacy and stewardship of the triple bottom line mission of Beneficial State Bank. Before joining the movement for better banking, Kate advised Portland State University’s Impact Entrepreneurs on social innovation events and community programs. Her background is in executive education, bringing business leaders together for collaboration and learning. Kate received a BA in political science from Smith College and an MBA from Portland State University. A published writer, Kate believes good things happen when we speak, write and bear witness to each other’s stories. She is also on the Board of Write Around Portland.

Favorite thing about the B Corp Community:
Making friends outside my own team at Beneficial State Bank. B Local PDX is building a lasting community and movement around business as a force for good, but I am also building friendships that are so important for learning, support and connection.

Best book you read in 2018:
For nonfiction, Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown because I'm still thinking about and acting on her wisdom about friendships and vulnerability.

Fiction would be There There by Tommy Orange because the characters are simply incredible and the writing is make you weep for days beautiful.

One thing people probably don’t know about you:
I'm obsessed with handwritten correspondence - I have a tattoo of a snail and an envelope representing my love of Snail Mail. You can follow my love of mail on Instagram @SnailMailCreations.