Request for Proposals:
B Corp Certification Support Programming

Note: The Request for Proposals submission period is now closed. We are currently reviewing applications and will update when we have more information about the certification support cohort program. Thanks
-B Local PDX team


Every company in our certified B Corp community has been there: going through the Impact Assessment, scoring their point total in search of 80. One of the most common refrains we at B Local PDX have heard over the past several years is a need for technical support in the B Corp Certification process. We at B Local PDX have been listening to your feedback, and we are excited to be rolling out our first-ever Request For Proposals. We are seeking a qualified someone (or someones) to coordinate programming aimed at helping companies certify or re-certify as B Corps!

The deadline for proposals is Wednesday, April 18th. After submission, all responses will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of fellow B Corps and community partners and independent of the B Local board, which will deliver a decision on the winning respondent to the board. B Local will include some financial support for the programming and channel interested prospects to the program, but will leave the structure and format up to the respondent to design. 

Do you have experience to lend? Guidance to provide? Do you want to help take an active roll in growing and sustaining our world-class B Corp community? Review the RFP and submit a response!


B Local PDX is sponsoring B Corp Certification programming, aiming to foster content that materially aids the certification process for prospective B Corps in the Portland-Metro area. This programming should be designed to serve our community’s expressed needs in technical assistance on the B Impact Assessment and in the B Corp Certification process as well as recertification efforts of existing B Corps.


TBD by respondent. However, a few portions are considered important:

  1. Must be replicable. The idea to have at least two sessions annually, if not more.

  2. Programming needs to be inclusive of community’s wide variety of business types, ownership models, and varying degrees of both familiarity with the B Corp movement as well as experience in business.

  3. Ideally, cohort would partner in some fashion with existing community resources at Portland State University’s Net Impact/B Impact program, which provides technical assistance as well. One idea would be to train MBA students from the B Impact program alongside businesses, partnering them together for roadmapping and certification training for future partnership in certification.

Request for Proposals

Respondents: please provide answers to the following questions and email your responses to by Friday, April 20, 2018. A team from B Local PDX will work with you to fine-tune specific offering needs upon your response.

  1. Please describe your vision for your technical assistance support programming, including:

    • Length of programming (i.e. number of sessions or meetings, as well as how long they would each likely last);

    • Number of businesses that could be supported by each offering; and

    • Detail the format of the programming (cohort model, direct 1-on-1 consulting, team based, some mixture of the above, etc)

  2. Certification is a multifaceted and complex process. Accordingly, please detail your qualifications for providing technical assistance for certification programming in this manner. Please include experience specific to the Impact Assessment and business certification. Feel free to answer this question in Résumé/CV format.

  3. Our partners at PSU provide an important service to our community in certification assistance; we would like to find a way to facilitate their B Corp understanding and ability to assist businesses in certification and recertification on a donation-driven pricing model. Accordingly, could your programming include and incorporate some of our MBA-candidate community partners at Portland State’s Net Impact team? If so, to what degree?

What You'll Get

B Local PDX pledges to the following:

  1. Provide a stream of businesses interested in certifying or recertifying

  2. Providing funding for some portion of the overall cost if needed, up to $2,000/year. While we do not expect this amount to cover the full cost of putting on this programming, we do hope to keep the cost per business at a reasonable level for participation vs. value, though there will likely be an expectation that businesses will pay at least some amount for this programming (with financial aid available).

  3. Ensure that businesses who attend programming have familiarity with the B Impact assessment, have taken the QIA, and will aim for all attendees to have attended a B 101 put on by B Local in advance of attendance.

  4. Work with any programming to ensure feedback is incorporated into future offerings.

  5. B Local PDX will evaluate the selected provider, and a continued relationship is contingent upon hitting key success metrics


  1. Proposal submissions are due by Wednesday, April 18. Applications received after that date may not be considered based on selection committee depending on availability.

  2. Selection committee will make a decision and inform all respondents within two weeks of application window closing.

  3. B Local PDX is aiming to have at least one full session put on in 2018. B Local PDX will leverage contacts and prospect lists to fill a session within four to six weeks of announcement of content, working with selected respondent on an appropriate timeline for commencement of initial programming.