Portland B Corps Show Up to B Inspired & Binspire at the 2019 B Corp Champions Retreat

by Karen Lickteig, Marketing & Sustainability Director at Nossa Familia Coffee
& Communications Chair for B Local PDX

Every year, the B Corp community of the US & Canada gathers together at the B Corp Champions Retreat. Last week, the 2019 B Corp Champions Retreat was held in Los Angeles, California. Our Portland B Corp community showed up in force for the event, with over 40 employees representing more than 20 Oregon B Corp companies attending.

Day 1 of the B Corporation Champions Retreat was full of building community, connections and knowledge. We learned about the importance of supporting inclusive and regenerative economies, and how B Corps are at the forefront of this movement. We heard an inspirational talk by Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia, about how B Corps can lead the way toward being the change they wish to see in the world, and building a regenerative economy that prioritizes people and planet alongside profits. We capped off the day learning about B Lab’s new initiative, the SDG Action Manager (launching January 2020), and identified what Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) our companies will prioritize.

Day 2 of the Retreat was all about collective action. We know that we are stronger and better when we work together rather than working alone. We also know that solving the most complex issues of our time will require interdependence, rather than independence. We learned about and honored the incredible movements of B Corps and aligned organizations acting together to do things like dismantle white supremacy (Dismantle Collective), educate on the B Corp movement (B Academics), promote more women-owned & -led B Corps (#WeTheChange), and take action on the climate emergency (B Corp Climate Collective). And last but not least, B Locals like ours were recognized for the power they have to bring companies together in our local communities and regions!

We left feeling inspired and fueled with the knowledge that we are heading down the right path. Finally, the announcement was made that for the next Champions Retreat we will join with our global community of Sistema B in Mexico April 2021! Onward, B Corp Community! Let’s get to work. 💪