Highlights from our July B Learning Event


July B Learning Lunch with B Local PDX

July 25th, 2019 at Hopworks Urban Brewery

Harnessing (Healthy) Conflict for Better Results with Suzanne Coffman

At the July B Learning Lunch, we met at Hopworks Urban Brewery to learn about Harnessing (healthy) Conflict for Better Results. The event was facilitated by Suzanne Coffman, Senior Business Advisor & Insight Activator at Trebuchet Group. 

Many people have negative associations when they hear the word conflict. Shifting out of fear of conflict can help us to have more positive, healthy conflict around concepts and ideas, creating greater solutions than any one person can create alone.

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The Thomas Kilmann Inventory is a great assessment and model for understanding how people interact with conflict differently. Having awareness of which conflict styles, you and your teammates use most often helps gain perspective of one another’s behavior in conflict. Different conflict styles are more effective in different situations. Consciously deciding what style to use to work through a challenge can lead to better participation and results. 

Other strategies for increasing healthy conflict include:

  • Assume positive intent

  • Speak from “I”

  • Create Conflict Norms

  • Focus on commitment over consensus

In conclusion the following next steps were recommended:

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