B Corps Featured in Oregon Business Magazine: "Good Is The New Green"

Our Oregon B Corp community was spotlighted in this recent article from Oregon Business Magazine. The author examines how being “sustainable” or “green” in the business realm has now come to mean much more beyond environmental responsibility. Interviews included Christian Ettinger of Hopworks Urban Brewery, Karen Lickteig of Nossa Familia Coffee and Cameron Madill of PixelSpoke.

Below are a few notable excerpts from the article.

What is “the new green”?

Welcome to the new green, one that requires even the most thoughtful businesses to not only rethink sustainability but to redefine what they — and their shareholders and investors — think of as success. More and more, a green business isn’t just environmentally focused.

It’s also thinking about equity, diversity and inclusion, social goals that expand the definition of what it means to be a sustainable workplace. Oregon, with some boundary-pushing sustainability pioneers, has been at the epicenter of those discussions.

And what the B Corp movement looks like and means locally:

Much of the momentum on social sustainability in Oregon comes from the state’s active B-Corp community, a group of businesses that have officially reorganized their corporate structure as benefit corporations. By definition, B-Corps use profits and growth as a means toward a greater end, one that provides a positive impact for their employees, communities and the environment. It’s often described as a triple bottom line: profits, people and the planet.

Read the full article from Oregon Business Magazine: “Good Is The New Green.”