B Local PDX Vendor Procurement Policy 

As a general rule, B Local PDX prioritizes vendor procurement for programming and events from local, Certified B Corporation companies. See here for a current list of Oregon B Corps. In some cases, there may be barriers or challenges to utilizing B Corp goods or services, and in this case B Local PDX will follow these steps to evaluate other vendor options:

  1. Is there a substantive reason why we can’t use a B Corp, and have the B Corps in this category been communicated with to explain?

    1. No B Corp in the category

    2. Doesn’t fit budget

    3. Other logistical barrier

  2. If not a B Corp, prioritize based on:

    1. Local and/or locally-owned Benefit Company or other social impact business (steward/Foundation owned, worker owned/co-op, nonprofit). Look for some objective criteria that validates this (external certification, etc.)

    2. Owned/run by someone from an underrepresented identity

  3. If none of the above are options in the category, ask vendor to detail their social and environmental practices and review with team for input. Examples

    1. Waste management policies

    2. Worker compensation and benefits practices (living wage)

    3. Food sourcing practices (local partners, organic and fair trade sourcing, etc)

    4. Anti-discrimination and other equity practices

    5. Community Giving / Donations / Profit sharing policies