US. A Collection of Immigration Stories From our B Corp Family: Their Journeys, Experiences, and Reflections on Home.

This is a project that has morphed and evolved—it has taken shape, driven by the need for personal connection and the desire to recognize ourselves in each other. The result is a collection of stories that feature the paths by which members of our B Local community, originating from all over the world, came to reside in Portland, Oregon. These volunteers were asked to share their personal experiences in the effort to foster a bigger conversation about immigration.

This book of profiles and interviews highlights our commonalities, while honoring our unique experiences. We seek to embrace our community and create a space that respects and values both our new and long-standing international partners. It is our hope that this book leads to a deeper dialog and broader understanding of the world as an interconnected community.


Physical books are available for sale via The Joinery, and all proceeds benefit the Oregon Health Care Interpreters Association.


The Celebration of “US”

Held on Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 5-8PM
At The Joinery’s Downtown Showroom
922 Southwest Yamhill St
Portland, OR 97205

This book has turned into an amazing resource that we hope will be used across the B Corp community and beyond to have important discussions and inspire people to connect with one another. The response we have received so far has been very encouraging. The collaborative effort to create this resource was inspiring to witness and we are so grateful for all the help we received. After nearly a year of working on this project, watching it develop and take on a shape of its own, we are finally ready to share it with the world.

We wanted to acknowledge all that went into making this happen and celebrate everyone that volunteered to be a part of this process, especially the participants featured in the book. On September 18, a group of folks from our community gathered for fun, food, and drinks at The Joinery's Downtown showroom.

Tickets included a copy of "US", light appetizers, and beverages. All profits from the event and book sales were donated to Oregon Health Care Interpreters Association (OHCIA), who were at the event to share more about the amazing work they do with the immigrant and refugee community.